Webinar versus Webcast

Both webinars and webcasts are live insurance continuing education trainings and are considered the equivalent of a classroom course–meaning students are NOT required to complete an exam to earn CE credit.


All students log into the presentation using a computer or laptop from any location that has Internet acces. Each student must register for the course with his or her own unique email address. Maximum attendance is 98 students. Students view a PowerPoint presentation on their screen while listening to the instructor.

Students must participate throughout and attendance is verified via periodic text messages and verbal instructions. Prolonged inattentiveness or failure to respond to attendance verification requests result in dismissal from the webinar and no CE credit is awarded.


All students gather in a classroom setting and the instructor presents the course live from another location. Video and audio of the instructor appear on a large screen, along with the PowerPoint presentation. The instructor must be able to see and hear everyone in the classroom; this requires the classroom to have a computer or laptop equipped with a camera that can log into the presentation. A screen is also required to display the PowerPoint presentation and instructor. An impartial individual must be present in the classroom to monitor attendance. Maximum attendance is dependent upon the size of the classroom and the video capacity of the camera.