Registration Policy

Our registration and refund policy varies based on the product or service purchased. The following refund policy applies unless a Special Refund Policy is stated on the registration form for one of our courses. All requests for cancellation or transfer must be submitted via email to


A full refund is given for cancellations received:

  • More than 3 business days before the date of a live insurance CE webinar
  • More than 7 business days before the date of a training seminar that is not a CE course
  • More than 14 business days before the date of a classroom insurance CE seminar

A refund of all fees paid, less a $10 service fee per course, per attendee, for cancellations received:

  • 1 or 2 business days before the date of a live insurance CE webinar
  • 2 to 6  business days before the date of a training seminar that is not a CE course

A refund of all fees paid, less a service fee of $25 per course, per attendee, for cancellations received:

  • 2 to 13 business days before the date of a classroom CE seminar

NO refunds are given for:

  • Cancellations received on the date of a live insurance CE webinar, a classroom insurance CE seminar, or a training seminar that is not a CE course
  • Cancellations once a self-study insurance CE course has been shipped or emailed
  • No-shows for any course or event
  • Persons dismissed from webinars and seminars for inattentiveness
  • Partially completed seminars, webinars, or self-study courses


Unless a Special Transfer Policy is stated on a registration form for one of our courses or events, if a registrant has pre-registered and is unable to attend, all fees paid may be transferred to a future course or event–or to purchase any of our products. The transfer of fees is subject to the following conditions:

  • All fees will be transferred if the request is received more than 3 business days before the date of the scheduled course or event.
  • A $10 transfer fee will apply for requests received 1 or 2 business days before the scheduled course or event.
  • Transfer requests will not be honored on the day of the scheduled course or event.
  • Fees may be transferred for use by the individual or a person the individual designates.
  • If transferring fees to another person, all necessary registration information must be provided at the time of the transfer request.
  • The transfer request will expire 6 months from the date we receive it.

Special Provisions for Insurance CE Courses of All Types

Course Completion

Course completion is contingent upon our receipt of the following at last 2 business days before a live webinar or classroom seminar, and at the time of registration for a self-study course:

  • The registrant’s name, mail address, NAIC license number, and email address
  • Payment in full of all registration fees; if a check is returned by the bank or if a credit or debit card payment is declined, payment in full has not been made; a $30 fee will be charged for all returned checks and a $5 fee will be charged for all declined credit or debit card payments

Course completion is also contingent upon the following attendance conditions, which comply with requirements of insurance code:

  • You must attend a CE classroom seminar or live webinar in its entirety to receive CE credit
  • We cannot award CE credit to any person missing 10 or more minutes of a CE classroom seminar or 5 minutes of a live CE webinar
  • Any person who has been distracted for 5 or more minutes during a live webinar (as determined by the webinar system’s tracking program) will be dismissed from the webinar and is NOT eligible for:
    • CE credit
    • A refund of fees paid
    • Transfer to another webinar or CE course

Course Completion Certificates

If a student has satisfied all course completion requirements, we will make every effort to provide a course completion certificate as follows:

  • With a paper certificate immediately following a classroom seminar
  • With an emailed certificate within 72 hours of a live webinar
  • With an emailed certificate within 24 hours of grading the exam for a self-study course
  • Duplicate course completion certificates issued more than 30 day after course completion will incur a $5 fee

If a student has not satisfied all course completion requirements, we will provide the course completion certificate within 72 business hours of our receipt of all requirements.

We will report attendance electronically to the state of Montana via the NAIC’s State Based Systems.

Insurance CE Webinars

In order to receive CE credit for any of our insurance continuing education webinars, you must be logged into the webinar (video and audio) before the webinar begins. It is possible to log into the webinar in several ways, each of which is explained in our Webinar Instructions. We utilize a third-party webinar platform (Citrix’ GoToWebinar or GoToMeeting, depending upon the type of presentation) and their website contains comprehensive instructions, tutorials, and assistance with getting ready to join one of our webinars at

Because Linda presents all our webinars, and her assistant serves as the webinar’s administrator during all our webinars, no one is available in the office to answer your phone calls or respond to your emails beginning 30 minutes before the webinar begins. If you login to the webinar at least 15 minutes before it begins, we should be able to help you before the start time; however, we are not IT providers and do not accept responsibility for technical issues you might experience.

If you are unable to log into a webinar before it begins due to technical difficulties, we will transfer your registration to another webinar, without charge or penalties, so long as you notify us via email (at or within 15 minutes of the webinar’s start time and notify us of the date and time of your replacement webinar within 24 business hours.

Important: We reserve the right to limit, per person, the number of transfers we honor due to techinical difficulties.


Information provided in our courses is intended for the general use of purchasers and not as a guide or absolute reference. YOU are responsible for verifying whether you have taken one of our courses within a) your license renewal period or b) 24 months of the date you last took the same course (either in classroom or webinar format).

Our course author is not an attorney or accountant and does not intend our courses to be used as a replacement for legal, financial, or other such professional advice.  It is recommended that purchasers of our courses refer to the underwriting guidelines used by their respective insurance companies in addition to the specific forms and endorsements used for precise details of insurance coverages, conditions, limits, exclusions, etc.  The content of our courses, and examples used during the presentation of our classroom and webinar courses, is only intended for illustrative purposes and is not a guarantee of insurance coverages to be provided or interpretation by an insurance company at the time of a loss.

Copyright Notice

The courses, books, and other materials purchased on this website are protected by U.S. Copyright law. No part of this material may be copied, used, reproduced, or distributed–in any format or by any means–without the advance written permission of Linda McHenry (former Linda Faulkner).  It is a violation of copyright law to provide or share copies of any of our courses or products, electronically or in print, to anyone who has not purchased them without the written consent of Linda McHenry Faulkner.

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For more information about the CE requirements that apply to your license type, visit the website of the Department of Insurance in your state.