Taking the Mystery Out of Business

The world of business is like a mystery novel:  filled with suspense and torturous twists and turns.  One minute you think you’ve solved the puzzle and the next minute people are shooting at you from all sides.

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, independent contractors, managers, and employees often wear many hats and deal with limited time, budgets, and resources. In this practical primer, Linda Faulkner lays out the fundamentals, providing examples and tips so newcomers to the business world can easily gain an understanding of the challenges they face. Experienced professionals will benefit from a refresher on basic strategies and how to stay ahead of the competition.

As an entrepreneur and the founder of four businesses, Linda Faulkner knows all about what it takes to make it in the world of business. She’s discovered that professional suicide is caused more by a lack of awareness than any other factor, hence her motto: Clueless is a dangerous place to be.

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Yes, clueless is a dangerous place to be! That’s why regardless of whether someone is a budding entrepreneur, a new graduate just getting started, or an experienced professional, Linda’s book is a must read! For those who haven’t run a business or managed people, it might save their career or their business. For those who’ve already been at it for a while, it’s a gentle reminder of important concepts and good business practices. Her customer service stories and principles are outstanding illustrations of what to do and not do.

The way Linda writes makes reading her book enjoyable and memorable – which makes it very useful as well. Her examples help make it real for newbies so they don’t have to learn the hard way and gently reminds veteran business managers, as well. Linda’s book really is an arsenal of tools and resources to help managers and their businesses succeed. I can see myself referring back to the book regularly–I’ve been at this a while!

~~Janel Queen, Director of Career Advancement, School of Business Administration, University of Montana


Running a business – a good business – is work. No doubt about it. The author recognizes this and focuses on the “how-tos” of professional success in a delightful, conversational way making this book a “must-read” for those about to begin a new business venture and seasoned small business owners alike.

Linda Faulkner began her business career over thirty years ago and her experience in every function within an insurance agency coupled with the ability to write – and write well – result in a compact, hard-hitting, easy-to-read book filled with honesty, forthrightness, encouragement, wisdom and a straight-forward dose of reality. She grabs the reader at the first sentence: “Clueless is a dangerous place to be.” And from that point on, the reader is on a journey with an experienced and wise mentor who skillfully guides the reader away from a state of cluelessness to self-confidence.

~~June Maffin, Reviewer, Bookpleasures.com


“Taking The Mystery Out Of Business: Nine Fundamentals for Professional Success” by Linda Faulkner is a quick book to read with a lot of practical advice regarding not just business, but life itself. Yes, it is primarily aimed at business, but some of the advice will help a person in any organization and even family life. Faulkner illustrates her points with both research and personal examples. At the end of each chapter, she provides an assignment, which if you actually take the time to answer the questions she poses, will result in a plan to take your business to a higher level… I think one of the most important things that comes through with this book is Faulkner’s positive and optimistic outlook and attitude… If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner who wants some suggestions and tips as how to better run your business and succeed, Faulkner’s quick read will motivate you and set you in the right direction.”

~~ Alain Burrese, J.D. (5 of 5 Stars on Amazon)


“While the book is aimed for those who are full-time business people, there are things a writer can learn to deal with the business side of publishing … Some of the topics that I found most helpful were having the right mental attitude, relationships, organization, and time management … I highly recommend this book for all writers. Linda has the background and expertise to be totally credible, and the book is written in a comfortable, easy to understand style.”

~~Maryann Miller (It’s Not All Gravy)