Second Time Around

What do you do when the dead body you stumble across belongs to your father, the father you thought abandoned you in infancy? That’s what Timmie Campbell asks herself.

Turns out her mother has been lying for years:  about her father’s abandonment … about a lot of other things.  Unfortunately, Timmie can’t dwell on her mother’s dishonesty because she has to deal with the stalker who’s monitoring her every move outside her mountain home in western Montana.  And the additional bodies that begin piling up.

Sheriff’s deputy Jack Kendall further complicates Timmie’s life.  He’s investigating the multiple murders and is equally intent on resuming their relationship—the one he ended the previous summer.  Unfortunately for Jack, Timmie’s not the least bit interested in romance.  Her priority is stopping the killer before he wipes out her family.

Linda extends heartfelt thanks to Steph Lambert of Missoula, Montana for designing the wonderful cover.

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Fun and Murder in Montana, by Carl Brookins

Timothea Campbell (Timmie to her friends) has a perfectly nice life in a small town not far from Missoula, Montana.  She owns and runs Campbell Business Services in the town of Jocko.  Her comfortable house on twenty wooded acres is populated with dogs cats and assorted wildlife.

While walking her pets one morning, a dead man rolls down the hill and practically lands at her feet.  She doesn’t recognize the corpse, even though the stiff turns out to be her father.  Thus begins a wild and complicated tale of revenge, years of lies, romance, and, of course murder.  More than one.  This suspenseful mystery also contains a well-thought-out romantic entanglement between two feisty independent characters in a novel filled with engaging characters.

Timmie herself, a transplant from the East Coast, has adapted to rural ways quite well, even up to packing heat upon occasion.  For someone with her kind of mercurial temperament, I might want her to wear a temperature gauge at times.  While the story does not have a high level of forward drive, the author’s sense of place, her characters, and the complications of a former lover (Deputy Jack Kendall) becoming the principal investigator in the case as the bodies pile up, all adds to reader interest.  A fun, well written, story about a couple of people you’ll want to meet again.

5 Star Review by Sylvia Dickey Smith

Fascinating tale, well written.

A Fun Romp Through Murder and Mayhem by Andrea Sisco

When the body of Timmie Campbell’s father rolls down a hillside and ends up in the creek next to her driveway it’s a new beginning to a thirty-year-old story.  That’s when her daddy disappeared; thirty years ago.  It’s a story that needs an ending.

Author of Second Time Around, Linda Faulkner, uses sarcasm and wit to tell the story of Timmie Campbell, her father, and the other bodies that begin to stack up in Timmie’s life.

Timmie is being stalked, an old boyfriend wants to reconnect, and her very own mother has lied to her, big time.  But Timmie is strong and determined.  She’s going to investigate and solve the murder and learn an age old truth.  It’s a fun romp through murder and mayhem.

Suspenseful Read by DelGal Reviews

Timmie Campbell grew up alongside a mother whom she thought was a loving single parent, struggling to support her only child after her father abruptly abandoned them when she was little.  Well, that was until dead bodies started mysteriously showing up on her property, one of them oddly happened to be that of her father.  But how exactly did he manage to end up revealing himself to her, when he lived thousands of miles away, and what is a woman to do when more bodies keep piling up and it seems as if Timmie’s life is being turned upside-down?

SECOND TIME AROUND has a good, page-turning plot and just enough of thrilling suspense to keep readers guessing the outcome from the first page to the ending, while also including a bit of romantic turmoil that adds to the overall suspense in the story.