Your Account FAQs

  1. When creating an account, be sure to use your own email address, even if you will be registering other people for courses or purchasing courses for others. Your account should be unique to you and you will generate technical issues if you create an account using someone else’s name, username, or email address.
  2. You do need to have an account, and be logged in, to view any course content you have purchased.
  3. You do not need an account to make a purchase or to register for a course … UNLESS special registration applies and, per our specific instructions, we are creating your invoice and online payment cart.
  4. To log in to your account, click on the My Account link in the red link bar at the top of each page in the website.
  5. If you routinely register or purchase courses for your employees, you MAY use their names and contact information, including their email addresses, AFTER  you have logged in.
  6. The Your Courses page only lists self-study CE and non-CE courses.

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